Support from Kimmaysupport for your business Hurray Media learn moreSupport for your bust Hurray for Lingerie Hurray Kimmay learn moreSupport Your Being Hurray Kimmay learn moreWhether you’re looking for support for your business, your bust, or your being, I’m here to help.

Business: Hurray Media, my lingerie marketing company, partners with value driven intimates brands to support and create their marketing plans with creative content. In addition, I also partner with brands to bring them into the spotlight on Hurray Kimmay.

Not in the lingerie biz? I can still support you! If you are a fellow female entrepreneur, join my professional women’s BIG pod meeting every month in NYC! Guest speakers, networking, connection, and (you guessed it) support!

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Bust: I love helping women say hurray on the inside, outside, and underneath. My Hurray for Lingerie services allow me to help women 1-on-1 with bra fittings, braducation, and lingerie styling. You’ll also find loads of inspiration and education on my website, including videos, blog posts, and my editorial contributions from around the web.

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Being: While I may be a bra fitter, my bra fittings do a lot more than just support a woman’s bust. I truly believe that a bra can change a woman’s life and then she can change the world. It’s all connected. To go even deeper, join me every month in NYC at my Wild Woman Circle for guided meditation, goddess cards, intention setting, and connection. It’s just one way that I am here to support your whole being.

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