I love writing on Hurray Kimmay! But it doesn’t exactly pay the bills. I write and share the things that make me say “hurray!” because it makes me feel good, and I hope it helps others feel good. But my day job is in bras.

That’s right! I have worked several jobs in the past 10+ years, and many of them have been in the intimate apparel business. As a bra fitter, I learned how to help a woman find the perfect bra, look her best, and feel fabulous. It’s been a very rewarding job. I also worked in luxury lingerie, learning about handmade lace, legendary European style, and catering to the wealthy and glamorous. But in either position, helping other women was what really propelled me. And whether you buy a $30 or a $300 bra (I’ve sold both!) they both need to be treated well. Bras are delicate, and you’ll throw away your money if you don’t care for them properly! I was always telling women how to wash and care for the bras. Over and over and over again. So in my current position as Marketing Director at Linda the Bra Lady, I devised a series of videos called: Braducational Videos. These “educational bra videos” are short, sharable, and informative. And most importantly, they help me help even more women. I’m extremely proud of them, and put a a lot of time, care, and work into them. Here’s the first one: How to Hand Wash Your Bras

I wrote a blog post for Linda’s on the Linda Unhooked blog, complete with screen shots and extra tips. You can also subscribe to the Braducational Video series on YouTube. There are five videos out so far, and we’re filming more this month! Also, my boss didn’t ask me to share these videos or talk about work on Hurray Kimmay. I’m just so passionate about these videos that I’m sharing them on my own. I’ve already gotten such wonderful feedback, and am so thankful for it. But mostly, I’m so thankful that these are actually helping others!

Do you hand wash your bras? Did you learn anything new?

xoxo Kimmay

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