As a bra fitter since 2005, I’ve seen a lot of boobs, and helped a lot of women. Truly, bra fitting is a very intimate profession, but it’s also extremely rewarding. At my current position as Marketing Director at Linda’s, or during my years with the stylish and sophisticated La Perla, I’ve seen lingerie and foundation undergarments change women’s lives. I’ve received hugs, wiped away tears, and even got the gift of tickets to see the Nutcracker at Lincoln Center from an especially thankful customer. I don’t just help women look their best – I also help women find comfort, confidence and (most of all) their own fabulousness. This coming Tuesday Oct. 22nd I’m hosting a Find Your Fabulous event at Linda’s in NYC, with discounts, gifts, and a party at the Murray Hill store! Get more info on the Linda Unhooked blog, and make your appointment to Find Your Fabulous!

Join Kim Caldwell and Linda's for the Find your Fabulous Event on Oct. 22nd, 2013

Helping women in person is instantly rewarding, but I’m also proud to help women everywhere with my Braducational Video series, and through media interviews and features. Most recently, I taped a Braducation 101 segment with the crew from Better TV.

Braducation 101 with Better TV and Kim Caldwell of Linda's on Hurray Kimmay BlogBraducation 101 with Better TV and Kim Caldwell of Linda's on Hurray Kimmay BlogBraducation 101 with Better TV and Kim Caldwell of Linda's on Hurray Kimmay BlogThis segment helps explain the benefits of a good bra, why the wearing the correct size is so important, and how to measure for a starting point for your current bra size! Watch the video:

PS: You may remember Sarah Bernard, the host in this segment, from my “When to Say Goodbye to Your Bras” post. She is a doll!

Have you ever had a professional bra fitting before? Call me biased, but most of us wear a bra everyday, and I think it wearing the right bra make a BIG difference in our everyday lives. Join me on Oct. 22nd (or tune in here to Hurray Kimmay!) and let me help you Find Your Fabulous!

xoxo Kimmay

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