Kim Caldwell in the Huff Post LIVE green room on Hurray KimmayLast Thursday as I was wrapping up my shoot for the 2nd episode of Hurray Kimmay TV, I got an email from Huffington Post LIVE producer and host, Caitlyn Becker, inviting me to join her in studio for a discussion on … thong underwear! I’ve worked with Caitlyn in the past, so I knew that this segment was going to be a fun dose of girl talk. I gathered up some of my favorite underwear options from Linda’s, read up on the related article here, and headed over for the hair and makeup for the LIVE segment. Turns out Caitlyn wasn’t hosting alone. Nancy Redd (hilarious!) joined us in studio, and other guests chimed in via Google Hangout. Girl talk was just the beginning… Here’s what happened:

Kim Caldwell Marketing Director for Linda the Bra Lady on HuffPost LIVE via Hurray Kimmay

I wasn’t exactly planning on revealing my thong color on air, but hey – all part of the job, right?

I’ve been a thong wearer for quite some time – but I won’t wear just any thong. Those itchy, scratchy, horrible feeling thongs? No thank you. Back in 2005 when I first started working in the lingerie world, I wore my first ever Hanky Panky thong. Now? I’m addicted and have converted everyone I know. I can’t even count them… I probably own (no joke) over 100 pairs of Hanky Panky low rise thongs. This is a very small sample of my undies on hand washing day. Notice how 99% of these are HP’s!Hand washing day via Hurray Kimmay

I usually wear cotton bikinis to sleep, or on the weekends. And if I ever have something funky going on down there (c’mon, it happens), I stick to full bottomed undies. But when I want to look and feel my best, nothing beats a colorful, comfortable, lacy thong. In fact, I even wore a light blue Hanky Panky on my wedding day as my “something blue”!Kim's bridal undergarments on Hurray KimmayPhoto from Linda Unhooked blogKim's wedding gown on Hurray Kimmay blogPhoto by M G B Photo

I also love matching my underwear to my outfit, or the season! Here are a few beautiful Hanky Panky thongs for Fall:Fall colored Hanky Panky thongs on Hurray Kimmay

Special thanks to the Huff Post LIVE hair & makeup team for helping me look so glam that day! It was especially humid, and my hair and makeup were wilting. Here I am hanging out in the green room before our segment: Post hair and makeup on the Huff Post LIVE set via Hurray Kimmay

And a shout out to Caitlyn Becker, the producer and host, for swinging by the Find Your Fabulous event last night at Linda’s with a friend! Caitlyn is already pretty fab, so I just helped her up her fabulous. Here’s a selfie from the bra fitting room during our fitting: fab-u-lous! Kim and Caitlyn at the FYF Event at Linda's in NYC on Hurray KimmayPhoto via Caitlyn Becker Instagram

What’s your take? Do you wear thong underwear or full backed undies? What’s your favorite reason to wear a thong? What’s your favorite underwear brand? 

xoxo Kimmay


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