Hurray for the 4th of July!

I feel like I already got my Independence Day fix with a trip to Robert Moses Beach along with great friends on Sunday and a gorgeous fireworks display in Astoria Park on Monday night. Despite the heat and an unfortunate run in with a giant wave (the bloody knee was nothing compared to my salt-logged nose and mouth) I had a fantastic time!

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So with today’s rainy, cloudy forecast, I’m happy to stay in, work on some projects and do a little online shopping and giveaway entering. What’s on my list? One of my FAVORITE underwear brands in the world: Hanky Panky. It’s no secret that I love hanky panky . . . both with and without the capital letters, if you get my drift. (In fact, you may remember my post in my Hurray for Lingerie column on Lingerie Briefs about trying out crotchless Hanky Panky underwear. No? Read it and tell me if you’d ever try them!)

I recently shared my Hanky Panky love affair and how fabulous, comfortable and fashionable they are in my Hurray for Lingerie post on Lingerie Briefs, so I thought I’d share a friend’s view on these sassy little thongs. Here’s my friend Britney’s point of view:

As a plus size woman, I was completely skeptical about even trying something (let alone thong underwear!!) that was “one size”.  “One Size Fits All” usually translates into “One Size that Will NEVER Fit You”.  But so many of my friends and clients (I used to work in a well known bra salon) RAVED about them, so I finally broke down and gave them a try.

I went with the Original Rise Thong and now, I AM COMPLETELY OBSESSED!!  Not only did they fit (shocker!!) but they don’t dig in and they don’t leave lines!! Oh! and they come in a ton of different colors, so I can get them to match everything.  They are literally the most comfortable pair of underwear that I have ever owned/ worn.  I even wore them on my wedding day because every other pair of underwear I tried drove me nuts.  I am a total convert!

Hurray! Brit and I are not just friends and lingerie aficionados, but we both wore HP’s on our wedding days. She opted for a black original rise, and I went with a light blue low rise (my something blue!). As the proud owner of over 100 pairs of low rise Hanky Panky thongs (seriously) you’d think I just don’t need another pair, right? Wrong. When I got the chance for a complimentary pair from Bare Necessities with crystal personalization, I immediately chose the letters H-U-R-R-A-Y. Here they are:Hurray Hanky Panky Thong Hurray Kimmay Hurray for Lingerie.jpg

Want your own pair of free, personalized Hanky Panky underwear? Enter the Bare Necessities giveaway here, starting today July 4th and ending July 14th and you could be one of ten winners! Check out the whole HP selection here and tell me in the comments or via a Tweet which style and color you’ll choose to personalize.

HURRAY Hanky Panky Sweeps

Here’s a great 4th of July bonus: Hanky Panky underwear is MADE IN THE USA. Hurray!

How are you enjoying your Independence Day? Have you ever tried Hanky Panky underwear? What would you like your personalization to say?

xoxo Kimmay via hurray Kimmay


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