Hey there. How is your bra feeling? Does it hurt you? Is it riding up? I know. I get it.

You’ve tried everything. You have measured yourself before and tried on 10 bras, only to feel like you’re guessing if they fit in the end. Or you have gone to a shop to get a fitting and your bras still don’t feel right. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to figure out what the heck the difference is between a 32DD and 34E. You’ve got a big purpose in the world, and your undergarments shifting around and pinching are getting IN. THE. WAY. of you saying hurray.

I’m here for you! With years of bra fitting experience for AA-N cup sizes since 2005, I’ll guide you to your more comfortable, confident self. I offer more than just a bra fitting. I provide a soulful approach to personal bra shopping and undergarment education. We’ll go beyond what the tape measure says and discover which bras and other lingerie lovelies really make YOU say hurray. Whether you’re looking for everyday basics, solutions for specifics outfits, or special occasion sassiness, I got you. I truly believe that wearing well fitting undergarments can free a woman to stand tall, lead with her heart, take on the world, live her life, and love her body. In short: Hurray for Lingerie!

Here’s how I can help: 

Fittings and Personal Shopping: I offer in-person, virtual, and at home services for fittings, shopping, and bra lessons. I even offer on-site styling sessions in NYC. Check out the FAQs below, and contact me to get started!

Ask a Question: Have a lingerie, bra fitting, underwear, or swimwear question? Check out some answers to common questions, or fill out my Q&A form on my Hurray for Lingerie Q&A page.

Resource Page: Use my Resources Page which has guides on everything from Can More Than One Size Fit? to How To Wash Your Bras. You’ll learn the basics and take a step toward saying hurray for lingerie.


Ready to say hurray?

Choose your fitting! 

In-Person Fitting

In Manhattan
  • Kimmay will guide you to find your most confident and comfortable self with a bra shopping experience like no other.
  • Includes a discovery call and short Q&A, shopping trip, and follow up resources
  • This fee covers two hours of service. Additional time is billed at $200 per hour in 1/2 hour increments.

Virtual Bra Coaching

Skype or Google Hangout
  • This “fitting” experience can take place from anywhere in the world! Instead of shopping together, you’ll sit down to a video call with Kimmay from the privacy and comfort of your own home.
  • We’ll discuss proper fit, take your measurements together, and find your bra size starting point. You can try on current bras and get an honest opinion on how well they fit, as well as personalized suggestions for where to shop and what kind of bras to look for. Ask me anything about bras, bra fitting, bra sizing, and bra shopping!
  • This is a 1 hour session. Additional time is billed at $125 an hour in 1/2 hour increments.

In-home Bra Drawer Audit

  • Kimmay will come to your location* for a personalized in-home bra drawer audit. We’ll go through your current bras to see what fits and what doesn’t, as well as take a look through your closet to decide what kind of bras you need to help your wardrobe shine.
  • We’ll then create a shopping list to use together or on your own. Plus, I’ll teach you some bra care basics like how to wash and dry your bras to help them last longer, how to store them, and how to decide when they need to go.
  • Price available upon request.
  • *Within the NYC area only, reachable by MTA

Contact me so we can get started!

Here’s what people are saying about bra shopping and undergarment education with me!

I felt loved and honored that Kimmay could so easily find the great in my boobs as well as providing hope for solving and understanding for my brablems. She evaluated and complimented my strengths and what type of bras would accentuate those attributes. I can not say enough how happy and comfortable I was with Kimmay guiding, teaching and being there with me!

Jenny P.

My bra fitting with Kimmay was super efficient, easy, and fun!

Malia Frey, Weight Loss Writer

What happens during a bra shopping and fitting session?

Our bra fitting and shopping experience is super easy!

  1. We’ll have a prep call or video call session to discuss your current bra needs, budget, and approximate size. You can ask me all of your questions and give me the scoop on any specific items you want to shop for during our trip.
  2. We’ll choose a date and location in NYC (usually Manhattan) to go to together.
  3. We meet up and I fit you! This entails some basic measurements, a lot of education, and actual shopping and try on time. I won’t just pick some bras, throw you in the fitting room, and wish you luck. This is personal, one on one time. I’ll pick the bras, help you try on each one and adjust it for you, and discuss how it fits and feels. Then we’ll choose the bras you’d like to take home, make notes on any others, and get you checked out and ready to say hurray!

Yes I will be in the fitting room with you. Yes I will see your bosom and body. Yes I have fit thousands of women and this is totally normal and I promise you won’t feel weird about it 🙂

What size ranges can you fit?

I have fit women for A-N cup sizes before. Yep! We’ll get an idea of your size in our prep call, and choose our bra shopping destination based on that. I’ll be totally honest with you about your in-store options. Some clients have shopped with me and found every size and style they need, while others have gotten the most valuable sizing and shopping information, plus a great starting point, and then purchased the majority of their new bra wardrobe online. We’ll make it work!

How much does a bra shopping session cost?

My fee is like that of most personal shoppers, but we get a lot more intimate 😉 I charge $125 for the first hour and $100 for every hour after that. Most women shop with me for about 2 hours.

Does your fee include the cost of the bras?

Nope. You’re investing in my services as your personal bra guide and soulful shopping partner. You pay for the bras that you take home that day with your own funds.

How much should I budget for bras?

We’ll discuss your unique bra needs and budget, but in general I’d say about $55-85 per bra. I’ve helped plenty of women find bras for much less, and much more. And I love to scour the sale rack on your behalf 😉 Because I’m not making a commission off of the bras that you buy, you can rest assured that I won’t simply show you the most expensive bras. I wouldn’t do that anyway. I’m aim is to help you get the bra wardrobe that you need within the budget that you have.

What is a bra drawer audit?

This is an in-home session. I’ll go to your house (in the NYC area only, please) and we’ll go through your bra drawer. We’ll discuss what’s working, what’s fitting well, what feels good… and what doesn’t. I’ll also measure you and give you a “bra size starting point”, and undergarment education lessons. Then we’ll go through your closet, and discover what kind of undergarments you will need to help that wardrobe shine. We can then use that list to go shopping together, or I can give you some shopping resources! This is a great pre-session before a bra shopping trip, but it isn’t necessary.

What about nursing, sports, or mastectomy bras? Or swimsuits?

I can help with this, too!

Do you only offer sessions in NYC?

For now, yep. I live in the NYC area. I’m experimenting with virtual fittings via Skype. If you’re interested, let me know.


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