Bra Fitting Tips from Hurray Kimmay

Hurray, you’re here! Maybe because…

  • Your bra is constantly riding up your back
  • Your bra straps keep slipping off
  • Your underwires are digging in
  • You’ve tried bra calculators and they don’t work
  • You got a fitting at some shop, but your bras don’t feel right
  • It’s been forever since you’ve had a fitting and you wonder if these bras in your drawer are still your size
  • You’re not entirely sure if your bras even fit, and you’re tired of guessing

I’m here to help! I’ve helped thousands of women, from A cup to N cup, find their comfort and confidence in a well fitting bra. Some of those women were sure there just wasn’t a bra out there that could support and feel good. But many times, it wasn’t the bra or the size or the style – it was the fit. I’m sharing my favorite tips on how you can check to see if your bra fits. Whether you try a calculator, are working with a fitter, or are checking in on the bras in your drawer – these 5 Fit Tips will help you know what to look for in a good fit.

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