The More Than My Numbers mission:

To encourage people to know their numbers but not be defined by them.

To release the stigmas associated with numbers like weight, salary, age, number of lovers, test results, followers, bra size, etc.

To educate and inspire women to find their bra size starting points and experience the joy of a well fitting bra.

To foster community among women. To let go of the judgement of ourselves and others. To support one another.

To join the Hurray Kimmay mission to say hurray inside, outside, and underneath!

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Our production team

Kimmay Caldwell, More Than My Numbers creator, producer, and bra fitter

Laura Boyd, Photographer of Own Your Sexy

Amanda and Flor, Videographers of Next Round Productions

Kat Lerner, Hurray Media Assistant

Zuzu Acosta, Hair and Makeup Artist

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Volkan Unsal


Erik Soiman

Mollie Parks

Suzette Arce

Marissa Hastings

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Britney Simone

Trina Shumsonk

Elizabeth Coleman


Chloe Sabin

Laura Dugan

Ashley Hayward

Jessica Bishop

Nance & Jessica Arce/Naturally Creative

Stephanie Gerdes

Katie Dunne

Megan Stewart

Carl Eklof

Jenny Lieberman

Sandra Peters

Jennifer Hall

Libby Brouwer

Allison & Adam Eggleston

Chris Maddox

Kimberly Casineau

Sharon Stokes

Christine M Strohman


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